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The town of Carefree is its own peaceful and serene desert municipality, but with much of the same luxury and Southwestern style housing as North Arcadia to its south. This area has its own unique personality with a rural and rowdy Old West sort of feel. It is known for its cowboy restaurants, horses, and large lot ranches.

While located in the midst of the desert, it does enjoy a slightly cooler summer as the elevation gives a bit of relief to the residents of this cozy town.

Real Estate

The quietly luxurious Phoenix-area community is known for dramatic sunsets, massive stands of saguaro cactus, rock-studded rolling hills, and second homes for a good portion of the approximately 4,000 residents. Homes range from affordable townhouses to larger estate properties amid the Sonoran Desert. Home value is comparable to the rest of the state with the selling price seeing an upward trend in recent years. The population of the town is a mix of retirees, professionals, and families. With a low crime rate and highly rated schools, the neighborhoods within this area continue to grow and thrive.

Dining and Shopping

From fancy tea rooms to steakhouses, Italian cafes to authentic Mexican food, a variety of dining choices can be found in this community. There are also plenty of opportunities to shop at the unique stores and boutiques that cater to the residents of the community. Art galleries, food and clothing stores, as well as farmer’s markets and specialty stores have a home amid the neighborhood. Just strolling through the downtown area is an experience thanks to the downtown Desert Garden.

Outdoor Recreation

Like many Arizona communities, there are plenty of outdoor recreational adventures to be found in this community. The Kiwanis Splash Pad offers kids the chance to play and get some relief from the heat, while parents can relax and watch their children have screen-free fun. More outdoor adventures can be found along the hiking trails in the nearby regional park. The trails range in ability level and can be enjoyed year-round. A unique seasonal experience includes the annual pumpkin festival where visitors will find clever carvings and spooky arrangements of gourds. Bartlett Lake and the nearby Tonto National Forest also provide plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Unique Attractions

The town also features plenty of unique and quirky attractions including a giant sundial made of steel and copper. It is often a centerpiece for various exhibitions and photo opportunities. It is one of the biggest in the world with a diameter of 27 meters. Visitors and locals alike will also want to visit Deb’s Wild West Memories, a fun shop full of costumes and props to help immerse guests in the Old West experience. If a European antique is what you’re after, a visit to Un Jour En France is in order. The shop specializes in French art and antiques and is a definite change of pace from the abundant Southwest decor throughout the rest of town.


The quaint town is home to the 23-acre Carefree Resort and Conference Center, a perfect 222-room getaway for visiting guests. Another option for visitors or staycations is the Civana Wellness Resort. The convenient location of this community makes it less than an hour from Old Town Arcadia or central Phoenix via the freeway.

Since its humble beginnings back in the 1950s, the Carefree area has grown and developed into the upscale, relaxed community that is today. With its ideal location in the North Arcadia area, real estate sales continue to thrive with potential homebuyers looking to invest in sprawling properties and a quiet way of life.

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