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If you’re planning on living in one of Arizona’s two metro areas (Phoenix or Tucson) in a planned community, expect to come under the benefit/headache of a homeowners association, or HOA. Most who do either swear by them or at them. Fans of HOAs like that the neighbors are required... Read more
By Hal DeKeyser
Like Phoenix and Tempe, the name “Arcadia” comes to the Scottsdale and Phoenix region from the Ancient World. Arcadia was a region in rural ancient Greece that was known for its rural, bucolic charm, the ideal environment of true harmony with Mother Nature. It was often depicted in ancient art... Read more
By Hal DeKeyser
Key pollinators in Arizona faced a rough summer, but community efforts can help them thrive. Arizona is home to the second-most diverse bee population in the country, according to pollination ecologist and bee specialist Stephen Buchmann, who said more than 1,300 native bee species live in the state. The desert... Read more
By Hal DeKeyser

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