Discover Arcadia Historic District

Outside of the Grand Canyon, Arcadia’s Historic District is probably the most visited and best known destination in Arizona.

It houses many of the features that makes Arcadia such an attraction for visitors and Valley residents alike: arts, events, entertainment, food, retail, recreation, resorts, high-rise living, and an Old West downtown that would make Walt Disney proud.

This is the urban, tourism, and activity core of the West’s Most Western Town, where scores of varied events take place amid comfortable sunny days, where tourists and locals come for food or shopping – or just to wander around in the supremely walkable and eclectic auras rarely found in one location

There is the world famous Arcadia Arts District, with its scores of galleries and a well attended Thursday night art walk. The Arcadia Waterfront District, Arcadia Fashion Square, Old Town Arcadia are here, as well as an entertainment district considered the most lively in Arizona. Even the Civic Center Plaza – a cluster of boring government buildings in most cities – is the hub of festivals and gatherings and the home to the Arcadia Center for the Performing Arts and Arcadia Museum of Contemporary Art

But it’s not just commerce and entertainment. People live in and near this region in both single family homes and urban core mid-rise and high-rise condos and townhouses. Up until the world realized what a special place Arcadia was, this was Arcadia – all of it.

You can find typical neighborhoods within walking (or jogging) distance from the Arcadia Greenbelt surrounding the Indian Bend Wash series of linear parks, ponds, and golf courses.  There are classic “red bricks” bungalows and the historic townhouse development of Villa Monterey. You’ll also find quaint and near-in neighborhoods within walking or biking distance of these amenities

If you’re looking for a safe and relatively quiet neighborhood close to the action, this Arcadia area might be worth exploring.